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When you are ready to make a fundamental change to the way that you present your business or organization to the world, we are here to help.

The Basic Shift Difference

90% of our work is by referral but we currently have a limited number of openings for new projects. We are a small and highly skilled team by design. Many larger advertising firms will court you with a stakeholder until the contract is signed.  Once you commit, your project is sent to the bottom of the org chart where at best a contract worker or hobbyist will complete it and at worst, an unpaid intern or someone making less than a living wage in the 3rd world.

That’s not fair to you as the client who needs (and is paying for) a professional solution.

When you engage with Basic Shift, you will be working directly with the owners throughout the entire process.
The project will never leave our hands and you can rest assured knowing that you are working with seasoned professionals with over 25 years of combined experience not only in design and marketing but also in the challenges of running a business.

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